Youth Update

In October, we were focused on the youth skit about Abram’s call. We had two practices for the skit and the youth practiced at home to make this skit a success! We also went to Comedy Sportz in San Jose for a multi-gen comedy show. It was their Halloween Spooktakular and it was a lot of fun.

Coming up in November, we have a lot to do! On November 3rd, we will be going to LaserQuest in Belmont for a fun time with friends. We will play two games and have pizza; the cost will be around $20/player.

November 9th-11th we will be heading up to Mt. Cross Lutheran Ministries in Felton for a Confirmation retreat. The Sierra Pacific Synod is invited to this retreat, so it will be a great opportunity for the youth to meet youth from other churches in the area. We will have time for devotions, speakers and outdoor activities.

At 6pm on November 30th, we will be filling homeless packets! We are collecting donations for the packets and there will be a bucket in the narthex for collections. Some key items we will need are new socks (thick), toothbrushes, mini toothpaste, shampoo, soap, mini tissue packets, Chapstick, etc.. Please ask your dentist or local hotel if they are able to donate materials! Thank you for any contributions.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the youth programs at St. Luke. Blessings,