Youth Update

April was a big time for planning for the youth! We had our Bingo Fundraiser on April 28th, so I will have to update about that in the May newsletter! We are also working with the confirmands to lead them in writing their God Stories and creating banners that they will have on Confirmation Sunday (May 20th). We have seven confirmands this year and some have decided to take on a project in the community to show how God works through them!

On April 7th, we had a Multi-Church LaserQuest event and we had 15 youth from St. Luke, 10 from Immanuel Lutheran, Los Altos, and a couple friends! We had a fun night hanging out, eating pizza and playing laser tag. I’m already being asked if we can do it again!

Looking to May, on May 5th, we will be having a Multi-Church Video Scavenger Hunt! We will help out at Amazing Creations if there’s any place they need assistance and then meet in the evening for dinner and the scavenger hunt. Groups will be driven around and asked to complete tasks on a set list, such as “help someone bring groceries to their car,” the team will video tape this and then we will compile all the videos for a fun screening!

Jumping to the beginning of June, we will be having a Family BBQ on June 2nd from 12-3pm! This will be a great time for families and youth of all ages to hang out and be outside in the sun!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the youth and youth programs!

Blessings, Faith Peters
Youth Acitivities Coordinator