Youth Update

March was a great fundraising month for the youth! We have been working to raise funds for the ELCA National Youth Gathering and we are happy to report that we have raised over $1,300! Huge thank you to those that donated time, money and food to the Pennies for Pies and PB&J Sandwich Shop fundraisers, we had a lot of fun!

On March 24th, we planned a trip to Comedy Sportz, a family-friendly improv show, in San Jose. We had a group of 20 people, youth and families, and it was an evening full of laughs!

Looking to April, our first youth event is LaserQuest on Saturday, April 7th! We will be meeting with Immanuel Lutheran Church at 5:30pm, eating pizza and playing two games of laser tag!

We’re also very excited to announce our next fundraiser- BINGO Night on April 28th! This event will run from 5-8pm and we will be hosting rounds of Bingo! Bingo cards will be available for purchase and there will be prizes for the winner of each round! We hope that you are all excited for this event, it is sure to be a blast. Look for more information in the Sunday Bulletin!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the youth and youth programs!