Youth Update

February has been a great time for communion between the St. Luke youth. We continue to have a lot of fun during Confirmation and the youth are continuing to open up to each other. One week, Pastor Bob asked the youth to pray for a minute, asking God if there’s an area of his/her life that could be turned in a new direction. I was floored by the honest and thoughtful answers that we heard as we shared around the group. These youth are very open to God’s word and will and class with them is always inspiring.

Reflecting on the past month, on February 21st, we headed over to Amazing Creations to help with some tasks around the preschool. Erin had a list of tasks that needed to be completed while the kids were away, so we were happy to help!

Starting on February 11th we started our Pennies for Pies fundraiser. We are collecting donations- pennies all the way to checks- and you can place your donations in a jar labeled “Pastor Bob,” “Faith,” “Christina,” or “Kirk.” A set of jars is located in the back of the church and another set is in Kurtz Hall. We will be collecting donations until March 11th, and whoever has the most money in their jar will be PIE’d! (Actually getting a pie thrown in his/her face!) Thank you so much for your donations. Every penny counts.

March 11th will be the day of the pie-ing and the PB&J Sandwich Shop! There will be inserts in the bulletin with order forms for sandwiches that will be prepared by the St. Luke Youth. You can order “to-go” lunches that will be ready after service or “for here” lunches to enjoy after Confirmation and Adult Bible Study. The Pie-ing will take place at 12:30pm, so make sure to stick around!

On March 24th, we will be heading to San Jose as a youth group to watch Comedy Sportz! This is a family-friendly comedy show that’s sure to bring some laughs!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the youth and youth programs!

Faith Peters
Youth Activities Coordinator