Youth Outpost – Update

We have decided to call it the Youth Outpost! In early concept stages it was called the tree house, but tree houses can conjure images of a ramshackle hut shabbily nailed to a tree, a dark and dusty room with maybe some cobwebs, protruding nails, and oh, please do be careful as you climb up so that you don’t pick up a splinter. Our structure will be so much more! It will be a beautiful visual centerpiece on the north side of the St. Luke campus. It will be a comfortable lounge. It will have a ramp, and stairs. It will be a meeting place. It will be a place to hang out and relax. It will be a structure built around our graceful blue oak tree but not nailed to it. It will be a strong statement that at St. Luke we love our youth! So we try not to use the “T word” any more.

At our January Congregation Meeting, Pastor Bob and Ron Zichterman formally presented the Youth Outpost project to all of us. There was much enthusiasm and support and, in a unanimous vote, the congregation asked Council to find a qualified contractor, obtain a reasonable bid, start fundraising, and then to move forward with this project.

We have identified a Project Manager for this effort, someone with strong skills in project coordination and congregational leadership. We thank Oliver Smith for taking on this key role. Oliver is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional), and he will be ramping up and taking the lead. A big Thank You to Oliver for this, and we thank the St. Luke congregation in advance for helping this vital project along.

This project is in the early stages and as Oliver comes up to speed we realize there are many facets still needing definition, including materials, construction methods, soil and tree management, building phases, security and liability, risk management, and project milestones. Some of these concerns were discussed at the Congregational Meeting. We will be solving for these issues, and others, in the coming weeks and months.

This is an important, visionary project for St. Luke, an investment in our youths of today who will become our church and community leaders of tomorrow. Thank you, St. Luke congregation, for our first step forward toward completing this beautiful structure. The Youth Outpost! If anyone has questions about the Youth Outpost, please see Oliver Smith, Ron Zichterman, Roy Tuason or Pastor Bob.

Thank you,
Roy Tuason