What Have We Learned

Happy New Year!

I truly hope and pray for your joy in our Lord Jesus this year. With your hopeful approach to life you are making a difference in our shared world. Throughout the Advent season we gathered for a meal each Wednesday and learned from one another. We had people from many cultures and perspectives. Here are some of the lessons learned as recorded by those who participated:

  • We need each other.
  • Other people love God.
  • We have become acquainted with new people.
  • Many people have migrated here from other states and lands.
  • We come from all over and have different cultures and traditions.
  • We all have a lot in common.
  • It is fun to talk with people who have different experiences.
  • There are lots of different kinds of breakfasts.
  • Favorite stories are hard to remember.
  • There can be joy even in difficult years.
  • We all need support.
  • Faith is so important in your life journey.
  • We all use our faith to help us in good and bad times.
  • We learned to better listen to the views of others.
  • Everyone has the same wants and needs for their families.
  • We are very similar in our likes.
  • There are many ways to accept difficulties and turn toward a positive path.
  • We handle problems differently and it all somehow works out.
  • One way to handle difficult times is to ask if it will matter in five years.
  • The Holy Spirit will intervene to pray when we are too burdened or confused to pray.
  • God is always beside me in the good and bad times.
  • We come from all over but we are all family now.
  • We have learned to practice more respect for one another.
  • We all want peace and love for one another.
  • We all want to listen and understand each other.
  • I have learned that I am loved by folks who are not in my thoughts and prayers.
  • I have learned to open up those faulty doors and welcome those who are in my “fixing” view and love some more.
  • My faith is important to me and I can have hope because of my faith in Jesus.
  • I discovered that my curiosity was indeed sparked and that I felt that I did gain a better insight into learning more about the hopes and dreams of others brought up so differently in culture and religion from me.

I feel I have many more questions to ask. However, as different as we may have been raised in our beliefs and cultures we share many of the same hopes and values, and all pray and yearn for peace around the world.

  • I learned that I don’t know anything and that I have a lot to learn.
  • I learned that I love my St. Luke friends.

Thank you for your participation in these events, in the life of the church, and as a citizen in the world. As you enter 2017 may the love that Jesus has poured into your heart by the Holy Spirit spread to many. Grateful for you and looking forward to a wonderful year in ministry together,

Pastor Bob

“Hope does not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” Romans 5:5