Reflections on Prayer

Many have been taking part in the 40 Days of Prayer study during the time between Easter and Pentecost (May 20th.) Here are a few of the takeaways for me so far. I would enjoy hearing what you have been learning as well.

God is Good.

This simple statement carries so much meaning. When we grasp this truth deeply it affects every part of our lives. Seeing God as the most loving parent who only gives good things to her/his children allows all the promises of God to root themselves in my life, giving comfort, joy, safety, and purpose. We are accepted, forgiven and loved.

Prayer is a conversation with my best friend.

Starting each day by checking in with God makes every day go better. This has been more of a warm and open conversation during these 40 days and less of a task to accomplish. This enjoyable and comfortable conversation leads to more consistent awareness and communication throughout the day. Gratitude comes more naturally and I am aware when stress is building and the Spirit lets me know it’s time to take it back a notch.

I hope that your prayer life is growing in new ways. Let me know how that is happening for you. It’s a joy to be in communion with you through Jesus. His cross and resurrection have opened up heaven to us!

Love in Christ,
Pastor Bob