June 2018 Synod Assembly Recap

Pastor Bob and Amy, and Theresa and I attended the 2018 Synod Assembly in early June in Sacramento. Also attending were Pastor Peggy White with her husband Jim, and Linda Baginski with her husband Joe, representing St. John.

The 3-day Assembly of the SPS ELCA (Sierra Pacific Synod of the ELCA) was held next to our capitol building in downtown. Several business sessions covered topics ranging from a Social Statement on Justice for Women, reviewing and passing the Synod budget, and electing a new Vice President.

The Keynote Speaker, Rozella Haydée White, was dynamic and interesting, and she spoke to current social issues including social acceptance of peoples of all ethnicities, genders, and sexual identities and orientations.

The ELCA’s churchwide representative, Dana Dutcher, updated our Synod on the ELCA’s global mission work and ministries. Bishop Mark Holmerud’s term will end in 2020, and since this is his second term (elected 2008, reelected 2014) he cannot run for another term.

We will be electing a new Bishop for our Synod. Bishop Holmerud looks forward to spending more time with his family during his retirement. Details are available at the SPS ELCA site, at spselca.org, or from any of us.

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