By the time you receive this Epistle the new council will have been elected. The support that you have shown this past year’s council I pray will continue now and for years to come. The love we exhibit towards each other, our neighbors, and friends can only help grow the church in what our Father asks of us. Thank you and God bless you for your support this past year.

With the city finally giving the Youth Outpost its O.K., we can move ahead with installing an A/V system that will add protection to that side of the property. We have been blessed that nothing has occurred and pray nothing will.

Other council approvals include a new Facility Use Policy that will be available to those interested in renting the property. The Continued Resolutions outlining the different council positions and their responsibilities was approved and is now on our website. The ACP light fixtures have all been changed to LED. A summer intern program has been set up to help with VBS and other youth activities. Danae Rubio has accepted the position and we are looking forward to her visions in her new position. The council is continuing to look at different proposals on updating the bathrooms in Kurtz Hall.

This ends my last newsletter and all I can say is a warm and special THANK YOU to everyone for their support. GOD BLESS this congregation and all its members.

Chuck Wilkening