The past month I had the opportunity of attending a dinner and award ceremony held by the Community Services of Sunnyvale to honor individual people and organizations that contribute to helping less fortunate individuals and families in their time of need. Through the efforts of our youth and the Witness team St. Luke was honored as the top organization in the city. Pastor Bob, Nathan Su and Matthew Pang accepted the award for the church. It is now on display in the Narthex. Be sure to take a look at it. During the dinner Sandi and I were seated across from one of the directors of Community Services and he expressed extreme gratitude for the help they received from the Diaper Bowl that the youth held here at the church. We want to thank all those who gave to this program that made it so successful.

Also honored from the church was Carol Schweizer. She has been a volunteer at the Community Center for many years performing innumerable different tasks. Should you want to volunteer, talk to her about it, as they are always looking for more help.

Pastor Bob received a very heartwarming message from a mother whose son had attended our Vacation Bible School. Because of their past VBS experiences the family attended our Easter service and were more than delighted in the service and the message that Pastor Bob delivered. Thanks to all the people that make our VBS programs such a success with its outreach program. I am sure that this year will be another faith-filled and fun experience for the young people in our community.

The ACP is changing all the lighting fixtures to LEDs in the school. This change will help bring down electrical costs. They continue to grow so all improvements are a benefit to the school.

The 40 Days of Prayer is off to a good start in helping to give us more confidence in our prayer life. We are truly blessed to have this o to grow in our faith. I Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Chuck Wilkening,
St. Luke Council President