Death Has No Sting

For me the Lenten season isn’t a time to focus on how I am imperfect. It is a time to focus on God and thank God for His perfection and for the grace that is given to us through the violent death and the wonderful resurrection of His Son. This always gives me pause. For the coming season of Lent we should not be focused on feeling guilty and inadequate as this is the message of the enemy. It’s the perfect season to be thankful for the forgiveness already in place because of the Cross and perhaps, instead of giving up some small thing, give a little more in time, talent and treasure.

The cues are all around us. The “dead” branches that hold the buds of blossoms and new leaves, the new life that springs from the ground after winter, the Spring births of lambs, these are all pictures of what our Father brings to us always: new life!

Death has no sting and it has no victory. We are already victorious in Christ.

But wait there’s more! The Word of God promises a new world without illness, without pain, without striving, without anguish. Bees with no stings, Lions with always velveted paws, lambs without fear. This is the hope that Paul talks about as the creation groans for the final results of the victory that was put in place at the New Covenant: Christ crucified and Christ resurrected.

The enemy will always remind us of all of the reasons to feel guilt and shame. Allow the Father’s grace to crush those thoughts and live in thankfulness for being protected from these evil darts and arrows. We have been set free and have been given an everlasting relationship with our Creator! That to me is the focus of Lent.

My Creator, my Redeemer, my Rock and my Salvation. You are the Everlasting to Everlasting! You are the I Am. You are the I Will Always Be. You are the Question and the Answer because you created the questions in the first and last place. You are beyond anything I can imagine. You are forever and forever past. As the East is from the West is the distance of You and yet, more! More because your Easts and Wests encompass the infinite sphere of who you are. You divide the spaces to infinity and you expand the breadth of creation to no end! How can we comprehend the magnificence and glory and magnitude of who You are? Thank You for being our Creator and Redeemer. Thank you for your infinite love and grace. Thank you for paying the ultimate price that we might have eternal relationship with You. It’s more than I can ever comprehend and I thank You for that also.