Best Summers Ever

Some of my greatest summers have been when inspiration, relationships and newness were at the forefront.

My top life-changing summer was in 1977. I stayed most of the summer with my sister, Bea, in Indiana. It was the year that I learned from my sister, and a friend of hers, about having a personal relationship with Jesus. After a month or so of graceful interaction and growth in responsibility I heard about this forgiveness that would set me free to know where I was headed after death. Was is It overly simplistic? Maybe. Did it engage my heart? No doubt! My eyes opened and I began to walk with Jesus as never before.

One of my most joyful summers was being a camp counselor at Camp Winape in Vermont. It was a joy to head up a running group in the early morning before a polar-bear swim in the lake. Reveille, breakfast and up to the soccer field where I spent all day playing soccer with kids from around the world who could run circles around me! My relatively new faith found expression in a couple of talks I gave at the weekly chapel times. Every day off meant going as far as my friend’s car would take us while listening to a briefcase full of classical music cassettes. Down time was made up of games of chess on the lunch benches with the other counselors. I actually learned to sew and made a small bag from a cast-off rag to store the small chess pieces. It was a summer of growth in freedom and independence.

Summers full of puppy love had their indelible effects. Mission trips to strange lands came later with all their challenges and miracles. The summer I prayed with my friends to receive the Holy Spirit in a more powerful way will never be forgotten. There have been so many happy trips with the family travelling to many parts of our beautiful country. Lots of camping and cooking over the fire. There was always a growth in relationships. God was always there, leading and guiding.

What is going to make this summer magical? Let’s wait and see.

Peace to you,
Pastor Bob