Amazing Creations Preschool

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, donated, and prayed for our carnival fundraiser! It was a huge success this year and we will now be able to move forward with finishing our playground renovation! We truly could not do what we do, without your help and support!

Our new toddler classroom, which will be a shared space in the current youth room, has finally been approved by California state licensing! We have been working and praying over this project since January and we are so excited it is ready to open! It will open on June 11th with our summer program. We have space available in toddler program so if you know anyone looking for care for a child ages 18 months-2.5 year old send them our way!

Our summer program is full of excitement ahead, and full of children! We have officially reached our enrollment capacity for summer for all ages expect our toddlers. We still have plenty of space for the fall however!

Erin Cassidy
Preschool Director & Children’s Ministry Director