Amazing Creations Preschool

This October marks 10 years of me working at Amazing Creations Preschool so I thought I would take some time to reflect on my journey here. While here, I had the opportunity to work in both the preschool and pre-kindergarten classrooms, and had the opportunity to be the preschool director. I have been able to grow the school from about 28 children enrolled to close to 70 consistently. We have added two new classes and increased our licensing age to accommodate younger children. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing staff who helped me grow both as a teacher/director and as a person. Most importantly, I have had the opportunity to counsel parents, and see families grow and change. I have been able to share with parents the joy of seeing their kids achieve and help parents as they see their kids struggle. I was also able to witness one particularly difficult child grow into a kind and mature child who would witness to his classmates about the Holy Spirit.

It is bittersweet for me that my journey as the Amazing Creations Director is coming to an end. My family and I will be moving to Boise, Idaho at the beginning of November. Though it will be sad for me to leave so many kind people here, it is definitely the best thing for my family and we are excited to see what God has in store for us.

Amazing Creations truly has a unique ministry here in Sunnyvale. We have created a safe space for kids to grow, families to flourish, and individuals to explore their relationship with Christ. I have especially seen amazing growth in the staff I have worked with here.

One of the staff in particular that I had the privilege to hire, train and work with is Erin Cassidy. We were lucky enough that God brought her to us straight out of college and she has grown tremendously while at the school. She is kind, thoughtful, organized, hard-working, wise and a very dear friend. It is because of these qualities, and so many more good ones that the preschool board and I have decided to have her become the new preschool director when I leave. I am very confident that the school will be in very good hands and will thrive under her leadership.

My prayer for St. Luke is that you continue to remember that Amazing Creations is your school and take great pride in it. I pray that it will continue to grow and thrive and serve may more families in the years to come. And I pray for Erin Cassidy as she takes on this new role and continues to grow the vision of the school and the church.

Erin Rossetta
Preschool Director