Amazing Creations Preschool

Summer camp is coming to an end and we are gearing up for the new school year! W e had a very successful VBS this year, with the kids talking about how they can be a Hero for God, repeating the Bible verses and singing the songs. We always love joining the big kids for the opening show each day as well. Many of the kids were so excited to share what they learned that they couldn’t wait to tell their moms and dads!

Amazing Creations Preschool gets money back from Farm Fresh to You! If you regularly get fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to your home, please add ACP10 to the coupon code area and the preschool will receive 10% of you purchase back! This helps us provide healthy snacks to the kids each month.

Most of our classes are already full for the 2017 school year! We have a couple spots lef t in our pre-k classroom. Please be praying for the new school year and all the children that we are blessed to share God’s love with.

Erin Rossetta
Preschool Director