A Year of Restoration

What have you lost recently? Your car keys? Your mind?

Sometimes the holidays can be a little crazy but hopefully mixed with the warmth of being with people you care about. As we move into a new year, let’s think about God restoring what has been lost in one way or another.

The Jubilee year for the Jews was to be a time that brought freedom and restoration. It was an extension of the Sabbath laws. Every week there was to be a day to rest and be restored, to worship and get away from work and everyday tasks to focus on God and to give thanks. Sundays are that day for us in the Christian church. It is healthy for us to drop our usual routine and come together with God’s people for a time of spiritual refreshing. It gives us the energy and food we need to serve God throughout the coming week.

Every seven years there was to be an extended Sabbath with fields being left fallow or unsown. This allowed the people and the land to recover and be ready for six more years of planting and harvesting. These cycles were restorative and humbling for the people and helped to keep things in proper perspective. We get a little too full of ourselves when we go non-stop.

The 50th year was to be a Jubilee Year when people would return to their families and homeland. Debts were forgiven, slaves were set free, work ceased for the year. It was a time of rest for the entire nation, a reset. Do you think we need some of that today?

When Jesus came, he ushered in a Jubilee that would last for all eternity. By faith we enter into this rest and become restored. Our sins are forgiven. We are filled with God’s Holy Spirit which is better than drinking the finest wine. We show kindness and mercy to one another as a response to God’s great love.

May this year, 2018, be a Jubilee for you and for us as a community. Sense God’s great love for you. Watch as God restores what has been lost. Walk in this newfound freedom. You are a beloved child of God. You have been restored to your true family of brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, in Christ. It is going to be an awesome year! I look forward to travelling God’s path with you, led by God’s Spirit.

Pastor Bob