A Story of God’s Care for Us

A few weeks ago I told a story in a sermon about one of our preschool teachers. I think it bears repeating. We have many wonderful teachers in our Amazing Creations Preschool. They are from all over the world and God has brought each one to the school with a purpose. Miss Meena was one of those special teachers and has been a part of the ACP team for many years.

She recently moved away but she left a gift with us in the form of a story of God’s intervention. But, first, let me share some observations about Meena. She was a strong but loving disciplinarian. Children in her care were given clear instructions and firm guidance and they responded well. She participated in chapel services with a kind of holy attention to God’s presence. It seemed that the story of Jesus was new for her, as it is for a number of our teachers, but she soaked up those stories of Jesus like a sponge.

The day before she left she was eager to share an encounter she had had earlier that week. We have these wonderful prayer boxes that have been thoughtfully placed outside of the sanctuary and the youth room so that people in the community can leave a request. Meena made use of the one outside of the youth room on Tuesday of her final week at the school. She placed her prayer request in the drawer of the prayer box, closed the drawer, and left to do an errand on her way home.

She stopped at the Trader Joe’s grocery on Homestead. After parking her car, she began walking toward the store. A young woman approached Miss Meena before she entered the store and said these surprising words, “Jesus sent me to pray for your request.” This was not more than five minutes after Meena had left her petition in the box at church. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of this and said to the woman that she had to get a few things in the store but would speak with her afterwards if she was still there. She got her groceries and came back out to find the woman waiting for her and ready to pray. They had some time in prayer and Miss Meena left with a newfound sense of God’s clear presence with her.

Not many have experiences just like this one but every one of us has daily reminders of God’s care for every area of our lives. I hope this story encourages you as much as it did me. We have an awesome Heavenly Father who loves us with an everlasting love. May you feel that love today and every day until we meet God face to face.

Peace and much love,
Pastor Bob