A Message from Pastor Bob

What a joyful time to be following Christ!

 We have just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus and his victory over death.

 It is spring and the weather is delightful.

 Young people are anticipating the end of the school year.

 The Holy Spirit is moving and guiding our lives.

There is so much to be thankful for.  We have friends who care about us in the family of Christ.

 We have God’s word to nourish us each day.

 We live in a country where we can freely assemble to worship and pray.

 We have food, shelter, and relatively clean air and water. There are some exciting things going on at St. Luke.

 We look forward to hearing Janelle Villa and Nico Morales confirm their faith on Confirmation Sunday, May 21st.

 The Youth Outpost is taking shape. Take a look if you haven’t checked it out lately.

 We are in conversation with our friends at St. John Lutheran Church about merging our churches. We will have an open forum after church on May 28th to talk about it.

 There are a thousand ways that God is transforming our lives and shining the light of Christ through you and many others.

Some responses to God’s great sacrifice and love:

 Be willing to die for Christ, if it comes to that, it is the only way to truly live for him.

 Befriend a young person and give him or her a word of encouragement.

 Step up your prayers for all the youth of our church and community.

 Be open each day to sharing the love and message of Christ.

Let’s pray for one another that we might be faithful to the Lord who saved us by his grace.

See you soon.
Pastor Bob

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 136:1