500th Year Anniversary of the Church’s Reformation in 2017

In November I participated in a retreat for spouses of clergy and led a study on the Reformation in anticipation of its 500 year anniversary in 2017. The weekend included sessions about the Church’s history, some of the key theology topics that inspired the need for reformation in the church, and a discussion of how all of this is relevant today and in the future. We used curriculum created by the North Carolina Synod of the ELCA entitled, Ever-Reforming: A Reformation 500 Cross-Generational Study. The study has 44 easy to use lessons. The study was well received by the group and evoked lots of lively discussion.

October 31, 2017 is the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation and the worldwide Lutheran Church is being encouraged to take all or part of 2017 to celebrate. Some may ask why it is important or relevant for us to celebrate a 500 year-old event. Remembering our church history helps us to understand where we came from, gives us perspective on where we are today, and sheds light on where and who we want to be going forward. Bishop Tim Smith of the North Carolina Synod stated in the introduction to the curriculum, “We also observe Reformation as an ongoing reminder that because Christ is alive and loose in the world, God in Christ is still creating, still evoking, still calling forth new life. Semper reformanda! Always reforming, always being made new.”

Pastor Bob and the Learning Board are in the process of checking with our established adult classes and small groups to see what participation, if any, they want to pursue in 2017. If there is enough interest, a new group or groups could also be formed for this purpose. Let us know of your interest in celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

By Amy McKee