A Love Story

Amy and I first met at her graduation celebration. A friend of hers brought me on what I thought was a date, “Let’s go to this friend’s party, it will be fun.” Soon I saw the purpose of the trip. She wanted to introduce me to Amy, thinking we might be a good match. Boy, was she right! From the first moment I saw Amy I was entranced. She was so full of life and joy. I barely talked with her at the party but I was definitely intrigued.

A few weeks later I put out an appeal at church for some help with the youth group. Amy responded and we decided to go to dinner to discuss the youth program. The little Mexican restaurant in the heart of Detroit was a romantic place and the planning session turned into a melding of hearts.

We dated for a few months including a trip to the movies on a snowy night. We still laugh about that night. It was an overly serious flick and not the best date material but we survived and now we have a tradition of watching super serious or even boring movies on our anniversary and laughing our way through them. On the way back from the theater we somehow tripped and fell into a snow bank and there was a necessary kiss or two to make things better.

We were engaged at Christmas that year and then I was off to India for a mission trip for three months. We were married a month after the trip ended. We are still laughing and enjoying our life together three decades and two wonderful children later. There have been ups and downs and lots of grace. St. Luke has been our church home for two thirds of our marriage and we are so grateful for that privilege.

In this month where love is the focus and we begin our Lenten journey, it reminds us of the love of God that was from before time and will last for all eternity. I hope that in this season of life you can laugh and love and rejoice in the love you share with human beings and with our loving God who will never leave us nor forsake us.

In Jesus,
Pastor Bob